5 Things That Can Damage Your Asphalt Driveway – And How To Avoid Them

5 Things That Can Damage Your Asphalt Driveway – And How To Avoid Them

Installing an asphalt driveway is one of the most important investments you can make for your home. It adds beauty and value to your property and also makes life a lot easier by providing a convenient place to park your car and enter your home.

However, like all things in life, asphalt driveways require maintenance and care to keep them looking good and performing well.

Asphalt Maintenance and Paving Solutions are here to help you with all your asphalt needs, but today we want to focus on educating our customers on the top five things that damage asphalt driveways – and how to avoid them.

1. The Sun

The sun is one of the main culprits when it comes to asphalt damage. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause the asphalt binder in your driveway to become brittle and break down, which leads to cracks and potholes.

To prevent this type of damage, it’s essential to seal your asphalt driveway every few years to protect it from the sun’s rays.

Sealcoating is a process that involves applying a protective layer to your asphalt driveway. This layer helps to block the UV rays and prevents the asphalt binder from breaking down.

2. Failing to Install a Proper Drainage System

One of the primary functions of asphalt is to direct water away from your home and foundation. Without a proper drainage system, water will pool on your driveway and seep underneath the asphalt. This can lead to significant problems like cracks, potholes, and sinkholes. By installing a proper drainage system, you can avoid some of the most common problems associated with asphalt driveways.

3. Not Cleaning Up Spills and Stains

Spills and stains are inevitable, but they can damage your asphalt if you don’t clean them up quickly. Gasoline, oil, and other chemicals will break down the asphalt over time. The best way to clean up spills is to soak them with absorbent materials like sand or cat litter. Then, you can dispose of the material properly.

If you have a big stain that’s difficult to remove, you may need to call in a professional asphalt company to power wash or seal the area.n

4. Parking in the Same Spot

If you park in the same driveway spot all the time, you’ll eventually end up with a pothole. The weight of your car compresses the asphalt over time and creates a weak spot.

To avoid this problem, try to move your car around every few days so that different asphalt areas get equal wear and tear.n

5. Usage of De-Icing Chemicals

Living in Hudson, WI, you’re probably familiar with the de-icing chemicals used on roads and sidewalks in the winter. While these chemicals effectively melt ice, they can also damage your asphalt driveway.

When de-icing chemicals contact asphalt, they can cause the asphalt to break down and crumble. To prevent this, clear away the snow and ice from your driveway as soon as possible. If you must use de-icing chemicals, make sure they are safe to use on asphalt and apply it sparingly.

Asphalt Maintenance and Paving Solutions specialize in driveway paving and asphalt repair in Hudson, WI. Our team complies with all state and local paving codes to deliver a driveway that lasts. Our services are designed to increase the lifespan of your asphalt driveway and enhance its appearance.

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