Asphalt Maintenance & Paving

Asphalt Paving Project in Red Wing, MN Includes Patching, Sealcoating, and Line Striping

In Red Wing MN, Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc is the most trusted asphalt contractor because we always do what it takes to rehabilitate damaged pavement for our valued local commercial clients. Recently, a Red Wing MN business owner contacted us about a large damaged area on their parking lot. We’d helped them with some asphalt paving in the past, so they knew the professionals at AMPI would do a great job.

After inspecting the site and consulting closely with the client, we crafted a specialized asphalt repair plan that would get their commercial pavement back to full function without interrupting their business for days on end. There were several areas where the asphalt pavement had failed, so we first cut away the damaged pavement and inspected the gravel base layer. Unfortunately, this layer had also suffered deterioration, so we had to replace and compact the gravel aggregate base to ensure a stable pavement layer.

After we’d installed a stable pavement base, we installed new asphalt in a process called patching. This uses fresh asphalt to fill in a damaged area, which is then compacted to the level of existing pavement so that it creates a seamless pavement repair. We performed this asphalt patching process in several areas. Once the new asphalt patches were cured, we covered the entire area with a sealcoating that would create a new smooth surface. Next, we used durable reflective traffic paint to stripe the area so it was like new.

Our Red Wing MN commercial client was so pleased with their new asphalt pavement, but especially loved how we completed it without interrupting business. If your commercial property needs a pavement upgrade, contact us right away online or over the phone.