Asphalt Maintenance & Paving

Buffalo City WI City Street Paving Revitalizes Community

Buffalo City, WI, entrusts its roadways to Asphalt Maintenance & Paving, Inc. (AMPI) to overcome the challenges of aging streets.  Our company completed an asphalt maintenance project in Buffalo City, Wisconsin, ensuring roadway safety to the city streets, all while keeping the projects aesthetics appealing to the customer.

Revitalizing Buffalo City, WI: Exemplary Street Paving by Asphalt Maintenance & Paving, Inc.

The customer reached out with the pressing concern: deteriorating conditions of the roadway.  Over the years, the streets developed potholes, creating hazards for drivers and pedestrians. The rough, and bumpy, surfaces demanded immediate attention to restore safety and beauty to the community.

AMPI’s comprehensive street paving process was designed to improve the roadway conditions.  Our team began with asphalt installation, meticulously executing each step.

  1. Site Assessment: Our experts conducted a thorough assessment of the existing road conditions, identifying areas requiring needed attention.
  2. Excavation and Preparation: The process commenced with careful excavation, ensuring the removal of damaged surfaces. The preparation involved creating a stable base for the new asphalt layer.
  3. Base Layer Installation: An essential step, installing a robust base layer laid the foundation for the asphalt. This layer promotes durability and longevity.
  4. Asphalt Application: Precision in asphalt application is crucial for a smooth and even surface. Our team ensured uniform coverage, addressing specific requirements of Buffalo City’s diverse neighborhoods.
  5. Compaction and Finishing: After asphalt application, compaction eliminates air gaps and ensures a solid surface. The finishing touches involved refining edges and surfaces for a polished appearance.

Our customer expressed their satisfaction, stating, “Our residents now have beautiful, polished, safe, new roadways to drive on.  The community looks beautiful because of the work.” AMPI not only provides functional roadways, but we enhance the overall safety, and aesthetics, of each job completed.

With over 33 years of experience in the industry, AMPI’s impact extends beyond Buffalo City. Our expertise in street paving, road repairs, park paths, and commercial parking lots has left a mark in neighboring towns.  Smaller communities in the Twin Cities area, including Winona, MN, La Crosse, WI, and Eau Claire, WI, have experienced the transformation of their infrastructure through our dedicated services.

Transforming Communities, One Street at a Time

Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, Inc. is the reliable choice with over 33 years experience in the industry.

Contact us today to elevate the standards of your community’s roads. Trust AMP for unparalleled street paving services.