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Trusted Local Asphalt Contractor Near La Crosse, WI Completes Road Paving

Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc is the La Crosse WI area’s most trusted paving company because we bring the same high level of workmanship to every job, whether it’s a private roadway in a smaller community like Trempealeau or a large commercial parking lot in a city like Arcadia WI. We develop professional relationships with general contractors all over Wisconsin and help them finish their construction projects with exceptional quality asphalt paving.

Not long ago, one of our contractors asked for help paving a roadway in the quaint Mississippi River community of Trempealeau WI. One of our paving experts rushed out to inspect the residential construction site, and they found that the old roadway was severely deteriorated. Time and water can break down asphalt, and it’s expensive to completely remove. We have processes to pave over broken pavement like this which save money, and we got to work right away on this process.

Our pavement contractors began by compacting and grading the broken pavement so that it would create a stable roadway that wouldn’t shift and crack over time. Next, we installed a thick layer of high quality asphalt on top of the existing compacted pavement. Using specialized paving equipment, we compacted this asphalt as well so that it would adhere to itself and become a solid layer.

As always, our general contractor was pleased with how we finished off the site, and they were especially pleased at how we saved them money. We were also able to provide superior drainage for the new roadway so it would stay stable for years.

Asphalt Paving Project in Red Wing, MN Includes Patching, Sealcoating, and Line Striping

In Red Wing MN, Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc is the most trusted asphalt contractor because we always do what it takes to rehabilitate damaged pavement for our valued local commercial clients. Recently, a Red Wing MN business owner contacted us about a large damaged area on their parking lot. We’d helped them with some asphalt paving in the past, so they knew the professionals at AMPI would do a great job.

After inspecting the site and consulting closely with the client, we crafted a specialized asphalt repair plan that would get their commercial pavement back to full function without interrupting their business for days on end. There were several areas where the asphalt pavement had failed, so we first cut away the damaged pavement and inspected the gravel base layer. Unfortunately, this layer had also suffered deterioration, so we had to replace and compact the gravel aggregate base to ensure a stable pavement layer.

After we’d installed a stable pavement base, we installed new asphalt in a process called patching. This uses fresh asphalt to fill in a damaged area, which is then compacted to the level of existing pavement so that it creates a seamless pavement repair. We performed this asphalt patching process in several areas. Once the new asphalt patches were cured, we covered the entire area with a sealcoating that would create a new smooth surface. Next, we used durable reflective traffic paint to stripe the area so it was like new.

Our Red Wing MN commercial client was so pleased with their new asphalt pavement, but especially loved how we completed it without interrupting business. If your commercial property needs a pavement upgrade, contact us right away online or over the phone.

Asphalt Repair and Mudjacking Required by Home Inspection

We recently completed an asphalt driveway cut out and replacement job near New Richmond, WI.

The client, who was a new homeowner noticed that water was sitting around the foundation and was made aware by a home inspector that there was open concrete that needed to be addressed. The inspector recommended that the new homeowner contact us to repair the problems the home they were purchasing. They called us and we scheduled to come out the next day for an assessment.

We determined that the existing apron needed to be raised, among other issues. The client liked our quote and asked us to get to their job as it fit into our schedule. We were able to schedule them in a week from the following Monday. We arrived early and ready to mudjack the existing apron. We got it up higher and saw cut out sections of asphalt that had settled, installing two lifts of asphalt as the existing asphalt was over 5” in certain areas.

We told the client initially that we might be able to deliver the services for less and we were able to do just that, delivering the same results, while saving our client nearly $800!nnOur client contacted us to tell us how happy they were. They couldn’t believe that there was no more water sitting along their foundation and that they highly recommend Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, Inc.

Parking Lot Paving Project Near River Falls, WI

The team at Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, Inc. was happy to perform a total reconstruction, including asphalt milling and asphalt paving, for a local high school near River Falls, Wisconsin.

The previous parking lot was deteriorating quickly. There were lots of bumps and cracks in the parking lot and the lines were fading fast. The property manager for the high school was tasked with having the lot taken care of and did some research, landing on our company.

The superintendent called us, asking for information about having their parking lot repaired. We came out to take a look and told him that the parking lot was in poor shape and needed to be completely reconstructed. He was impressed with our knowledge and wanted to work with us so we scheduled the job for the school’s next break. We had to determine which sections needed to be worked on first, as well as which areas needed to be stabilized for the failing sub-base before we could perform the new pavement installation. We had to talk closely with the customer in order to execute all of our plans. We used aerial maps, photos and an on-site meeting to ensure everyone was on the page every step of the way.

Overall, we removed the existing asphalt, performed sub-base corrections as needed as well as fine grading. We installed a total of 5,500 tons of asphalt in 2-2” asphalt lifts and we restriped the parking lot when finished. We received boatloads of compliments about how wonderful the parking lot looked as well as how professional, efficient and attentive to detail we were.

Thank you for tasking Asphalt Maintenance and Paving with your commercial asphalt milling and paving project!

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