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Drainage Repair on Asphalt Roadway in Durand, WI

In Durand Wisconsin, Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc. (AMP) recently took on a challenging project for a property owner facing improper water runoff issues on their private roadway that was causing cracks and potholes. Our team was happy to fix their road and prevent further damage to their pavement with professional drainage repair and innovative asphalt installation.

Durand’s Drainage Dilemma: A Transformative Asphalt Repair Solution by AMP

The property owner in Durand faced a common yet critical problem: improper drainage on their pavement. The consequences of standing water on asphalt include cracks, lifting caused by erosion, and overall deterioration. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive asphalt repair solution, the property owner turned to their trusted local paving company.

Excavation was the first step, allowing our team to assess and address the root causes of improper drainage. Grading followed, creating a foundation to facilitate effective water flow away from the roadway.

In this Durand WI paving project, berms were strategically installed along the roadway to redirect water away from the surface. This addition prevents water from pooling and causing damage by guiding it to wastewater systems.

The highlight of the project was the installation of asphalt berms on either side of the road. But what is a berm, and how does it contribute to drainage?

A berm is a raised area or mound of soil, and it acts as a protective barrier, preventing soil erosion and enhancing the stability of the roadway. Integrating berms in asphalt installations reflects AMP’s commitment to comprehensive solutions that address current issues and prevent future damage.

At AMP, we believe in educating our clients about the solutions implemented. Understanding the purpose of berms and their positive impact on pavement empowers property owners to make informed decisions about their next pavement repair project.

Durand Property Owners, Protect Your Pavement with AMP’s Drainage Repair Solutions

For property owners in Durand seeking transformative pavement solutions, AMP stands ready to deliver excellence. Contact us today to explore how our drainage repair and asphalt installation services, including innovative berms, can elevate the functionality and longevity of your roadways. AMP is committed to creating resilient and sustainable repair solutions for your property.