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Whether your driveway needs to be paved or you need it removed and replaced altogether, Asphalt Maintenance and Paving is your trusted source for residential driveway paving. We know how important it is for your new driveway to have a solid foundation. Before we pave, we evaluate the base of the driveway and add gravel if it is necessary. If the sub base needs to be altered, we make sure that there is proper compaction before we dive into paving. The last step is the laying of the hot-mix asphalt that we carefully combine for the best possible results – ensuring that your driveway lives up to your standards.

We know that good design and materials as well as timely maintenance and proper construction all play a major part into having a driveway that is trouble-free. Residential driveway paving that is well-designed and well-constructed should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years! A driveway that is not can star to show signs of damage, requiring repairs within as little as one year. This is why it is so important to hire a contractor that knows what they are doing – and we do!

Our quality residential driveway paving services include:

Driveway Maintenance

Driveway cracks show up sometimes. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to repair if they are less than a quarter-inch. It is best to be proactive, having them filled in sooner than later before moisture seeps into the base of your driveway pavement, leading to more costly repairs.

We offer the following services for residential driveway maintenance:

As far as homeowners are concerned, a driveway doesn’t only affect the curb appeal for others who pass by their home. It also impacts how they feel each time they are in their driveway. A quality driveway is the red carpet to a personal property and we make sure that is exactly what your residential driveway feels like. We guarantee a driveway that is flat, smooth and aesthetically appealing.