Asphalt Maintenance & Paving


Why repave when you can seal and save! When Asphalt Maintenance and Paving arrives to seal your driveway we’ll follow a set of procedures that guarantees long-lasting performance.


  • Trim or edge grass where needed
  • Rout cracks where applicable
  • Clean dirty areas and cracks
  • Fill cracks to make as flush as possible
  • Prep oil spots where needed
  • Apply adhesion promoter where needed


  • Brush sealer around aprons, landscaping, sidewalks, etc.
  • Squeegee and/or spray on seal coat with high loads of sand and rubber
  • Rope off drive during the curing process (2-4 days, depending on humidity)


  • Past results prove that our products and procedures last 4-6 years
  • We’ll mail out maintenance reminders after three to four years

Bottom Line

With Driveway Seal Coating from Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, preventative maintenance does not cost – it pays!