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Enhancing Curb Appeal: A Successful Parking Lot Revamp and Repair in Baldwin, WI

At Asphalt Maintenance & Paving (AMP) /Team Asphalt, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch asphalt and paving services to our valued clients. Recently, we had the pleasure of completing a project for A&W in Baldwin, WI, which involved a comprehensive parking lot repair and upgrade. This project showcases our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and dedication to enhancing the curb appeal and functionality of commercial properties.

Enhancing A&W’s Curb Appeal: A Successful Parking Lot Revamp by Asphalt Maintenance & Paving/Team Asphalt in Baldwin, WI

A&W, a beloved fast-food restaurant in Baldwin, WI, faced significant wear and tear in their parking lot. The asphalt showed signs of cracking and deterioration, which not only detracted from the restaurant’s appearance but also posed potential safety hazards for customers and employees. Recognizing the need for professional intervention, A&W enlisted the expertise of Asphalt Maintenance & Paving/Team Asphalt to restore their parking lot to its former glory.


The Solution

Our team approached this project with a clear plan to address all the issues. The scope of work included:

1. Crack Repairs: Cracks in the asphalt were the primary concern. Left untreated, these cracks could expand, leading to more extensive damage and costly repairs. Our team meticulously cleaned out the cracks and filled them with a high-quality crack sealant to prevent further water infiltration and damage.

2. Sealcoating: To provide a protective layer and enhance the appearance of the asphalt, we applied a two-coat sealcoating. This process involves spreading a liquid sealant over the entire surface, which helps to protect the asphalt from the damaging effects of UV rays, oil spills, and water penetration. The sealcoating not only extends the life of the asphalt but also gives it a fresh, clean look.

3. Striping: Clear and well-defined parking lines and directional arrows are crucial for the efficient flow of traffic and parking. Our team carefully measured and applied new striping, including handicap spaces, drive-thru arrows, and other necessary markings to ensure compliance with regulations and enhance the overall functionality of the parking lot.


The Process

The project began with a thorough inspection and assessment of the existing conditions. Our experienced team identified all the areas that required attention and developed a customized plan to address each issue.

1. Preparation: The first step was to prepare the surface by cleaning the entire parking lot, removing debris, and ensuring a smooth base for the repairs. This step is crucial for ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the subsequent treatments.

2. Crack Filling: Using high-quality materials, we filled all visible cracks, ensuring a seamless and durable repair. This step prevents water from seeping into the cracks and causing further damage.

3. Sealcoating: The two-coat sealcoating was applied in a systematic manner, allowing sufficient drying time between coats. This process not only improves the appearance of the parking lot but also provides a robust protective layer.

4. Striping: Once the sealcoat was fully cured, we proceeded with the striping. Precision and accuracy were key to this step, as clear markings are essential for safety and functionality.

The transformation was remarkable. A&W’s parking lot now boasts a sleek, polished appearance that enhances the overall appeal of the restaurant. The newly filled cracks, fresh sealcoat, and crisp striping have significantly improved both the aesthetics and functionality of the parking area. Customers and employees can now enjoy a safer and more attractive environment.


At Asphalt Maintenance & Paving, we understand the importance of a well-maintained parking lot for commercial properties. Our recent project for A&W in Baldwin, WI, is a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality asphalt and paving solutions. If your commercial property requires expert asphalt repair and maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your property looks and functions at its best.

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This project showcases our capabilities in handling commercial paving projects, reinforcing our position as a reliable and skilled provider of asphalt and paving services. Whether it’s crack repairs, sealcoating, or striping, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.