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Local Asphalt Company in Hudson WI Uses Spray Patching Technology

Hudson WI’s most reputable asphalt repair company is Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc, and we love helping local property owners upgrade their asphalt pavement without breaking the bank using the latest asphalt technologies. Recently, a Hudson WI property owner had a roadway with a deep crack running through it.

Cracks form when water gets between asphalt binders and aggregates then freezes, separating the pavement mix. Over time, more water can flow into the crack, wash away binders and expose more aggregates. Then the pressure of vehicles passing over it can shift the pavement and widen the crack even more. The Hudson WI pavement was damaged in this way, and the crack was wide enough to threaten the pavement’s stability. They searched for the best asphalt repair contractor in their area and immediately found Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc.

After inspecting the cracked pavement, we found a very cost-effective but permanent asphalt repair process: spray patching. This process uses compressed air, high-quality cleaning grits, and asphalt emulsions to clean out the crack or pothole and apply asphalt products at the same time. We used spray patching on the deep crack, which cleared out all debris and applied a specially mixed hot asphalt solution to completely fill it in. After we filled the crack, we compacted it to the level of the existing asphalt and applied a sealcoat to protect the pavement.

The asphalt pros at Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc love finding state-of-the-art paving technologies for long-lasting repairs at a fraction of the cost of pavement replacement. We maintain quality equipment that can provide this level of service to our local clients.