Asphalt Maintenance & Paving

Trusted Local Asphalt Contractor Near La Crosse, WI Completes Road Paving

Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc is the La Crosse WI area’s most trusted paving company because we bring the same high level of workmanship to every job, whether it’s a private roadway in a smaller community like Trempealeau or a large commercial parking lot in a city like Arcadia WI. We develop professional relationships with general contractors all over Wisconsin and help them finish their construction projects with exceptional quality asphalt paving.

Not long ago, one of our contractors asked for help paving a roadway in the quaint Mississippi River community of Trempealeau WI. One of our paving experts rushed out to inspect the residential construction site, and they found that the old roadway was severely deteriorated. Time and water can break down asphalt, and it’s expensive to completely remove. We have processes to pave over broken pavement like this which save money, and we got to work right away on this process.

Our pavement contractors began by compacting and grading the broken pavement so that it would create a stable roadway that wouldn’t shift and crack over time. Next, we installed a thick layer of high quality asphalt on top of the existing compacted pavement. Using specialized paving equipment, we compacted this asphalt as well so that it would adhere to itself and become a solid layer.

As always, our general contractor was pleased with how we finished off the site, and they were especially pleased at how we saved them money. We were also able to provide superior drainage for the new roadway so it would stay stable for years.