What Happens If Concrete Foundations Begin Un-leveling?

What Happens If Concrete Foundations Begin Un-leveling?

If the concrete foundation of your home or office begins to shift and un-level, it can result in many problems. The most severe issue is that the structure of your building can become compromised, which can lead to extensive and expensive repairs.

In this blog post, Asphalt Maintenance and Paving will discuss some of the problems if your concrete foundation starts to move and the solution we offer at our company: mud jacking.

Problems with the uneven concrete foundation:

It reduces the value of your home:

Uneven flooring will put off potential buyers or lead to lesser bids since they indicate more extensive, more expensive concerns. The proper concrete crack repair process, on the other hand, may restore the floor to its previous smoothness, restoring the property’s value.

It reduces the aesthetic value of your building:

The beauty of a polished floor is one of the key reasons property owners prefer concrete flooring. Uneven flooring at a commercial establishment, such as a restaurant, might turn away clients, resulting in less money in your pocket.

It is harder to clean:

Ignoring uneven concrete floors makes cleaning and drying floors harder. Dirt particles and water get caught in the gaps, making complete floor maintenance impossible.

It causes water intrusion:

 It’s crucial to remember that when cracks allow water in, the damage only becomes worse. Furthermore, uneven concrete encourages low regions where standing water might collect. If these pools ever freeze in the cooler months, there will be extra safety problems and damage.

It has possible safety risks:

If you find cracks or lumpy places in your concrete floor or driveway, get them fixed immediately to avoid injuring your clients or guests. People can trip and fall in bumpy regions, which is a liability you do not want.

You have a responsibility to your consumers and visitors. Ignoring possible safety dangers might result in costly lawsuits if the hazards cause an injury.

The solution?

The answer to all the above problems is Mud jacking.

Mud jacking, also known as slab jacking, is a technique for raising and stabilizing concrete foundations. Here are a few benefits of mud jacking:

A cost-effective method:

Do you want to repair broken concrete on a budget? Mud jacking costs less than replacing the sheet. It is also less expensive than poly jacking because of the lesser materials employed, yet it is the same procedure as cement restoration.

Mud jacking resolves the issue:

During the mud jacking operation, the soil spaces are filled. As a result, the concrete is much more sturdy and safe, and the restoration takes much longer.

It takes less time:

Unlike slab replacement, slab jacking repair is a quick procedure. While larger tasks may take longer, most mud jacking works are done in one or two hours.

Eco-friendly Repair:

Everyone is looking for environment-friendly methods nowadays. Slab jacking is the most environment-friendly method. The cement is made of entirely natural and eco-friendly materials. The process produces no waste, and very little energy is required for work.

At Asphalt Maintenance & Paving, Inc., in Cannon Falls, MN, we use mud jacking to fix sidewalks, roadways, ramps, patios, driveways, floors, parking lots, and garage floors–almost anything made of concrete. It is pretty effective in both business and residential settings.

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