Asphalt Maintenance & Paving

With Over 33 Years of Commercial Pavement Maintenance Excellence in Baldwin, WI

Dedicated to the longevity and vibrancy of commercial properties in the Twin Cities area, Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc. (AMPI) continues to make lasting impacts among the community in Wisconsin.   Having over 33 years experience in the asphalt industry, we are relied upon when it comes to trust, quality, and expertise.  We completed the unprecedented pavement maintenance project for A&W Restaurant in Baldwin, WI.

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AMPI, Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Pavement Maintenance

Having been a reliable partner for over 33 years, we understand the unique needs of our clients. This past client, with whom we share a history dating back to our first paving job, reached out for commercial pavement maintenance. Their parking lot, a testament to the passage of time, exhibited signs of wear and tear.

AMPI swiftly initiated a comprehensive asphalt maintenance plan. Our services included hot crack sealing, a proactive measure to address existing cracks and prevent further deterioration. Additionally, parking lot sealcoating was applied to enhance durability and appearance, followed by meticulous striping for organized traffic flow and ADA compliance.

Our extensive experience translates into a commitment to quality work and expertise in addressing various asphalt issues. The long-standing relationship with our Baldwin client exemplifies our dedication to enduring pavement solutions.

As pioneers in the paving industry, our commitment extends beyond paving services; we build lasting relationships with our local clients, caring for their properties over the years. Wisconsin property owners recognize AMPI as a beacon of asphalt pavement expertise, delivering consistent quality in every project.

Contact us today and experience the enduring quality that has defined us since our first commercial asphalt paving job in 1991. Trust AMP for unparalleled service and a legacy of pavement excellence.