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The team at Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, Inc. is proud to be the top asphalt paving and asphalt maintenance contractor in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We have the latest technology to deliver the best quality of work for your home or facility, because we understand how important it is that you have pavement that lasts. Our company was built from the ground up, proving that we have the work ethic to get the job done, while satisfying our customers’ needs. We strive to offer quality work that is affordable for each of our clients without sacrificing workmanship.

Asphalt Paving Services in Eau Claire, WI

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Premium Sealcoating Services in Eau Claire, WI

At Team Asphalt / Asphalt Maintenance & Paving (AMP), we understand the importance of maintaining and enhancing the durability and aesthetics of asphalt surfaces. Recently, we completed a high-quality sealcoating project for a residential property in Eau Claire, WI. This project not only restored the driveway’s appearance but also extended its lifespan, demonstrating our commitment to delivering top-notch paving solutions.

Asphalt Maintenance & Paving (AMP): Premium Sealcoating Services in Eau Claire, WI

We began with an in-depth consultation with the homeowner to understand their needs and expectations. This included assessing the condition of the driveway and discussing the benefits of sealcoating.


Proper preparation is crucial for effective sealcoating. Our team thoroughly cleaned the driveway to remove dirt, debris, and any oil stains. This step ensures the sealcoat adheres properly to the asphalt surface.

Before applying the sealcoat, we addressed any existing cracks. Using high-quality crack filler, we sealed these gaps to prevent water infiltration and further damage. This step is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the driveway.

Once the surface was prepared, we applied the sealcoat using advanced techniques to ensure even coverage. The high-performance sealcoat we used provides a protective layer that shields the asphalt from UV rays, water, oil, and other harmful elements.

After application, the sealcoat was left to dry thoroughly. Our team then conducted a final inspection to ensure a smooth and uniform finish, addressing any touch-ups needed to meet our high standards of quality.



The homeowner was delighted with the results, praising the efficiency and professionalism of our team. They noted the significant improvement in the driveway’s appearance and expressed confidence in the enhanced protection provided by the sealcoat.

At Team Asphalt/AMP, we bring years of experience and a dedication to excellence in every project we undertake. Our skilled team, state-of-the-art equipment, and use of high-quality materials ensure that we deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether it’s sealcoating, paving, or striping, we are the trusted choice for all your asphalt maintenance needs in Eau Claire, WI, and beyond.

If you’re looking to protect and beautify your asphalt surfaces, contact Team Asphalt/AMP today at 715-778-5040 or visit our website. We offer comprehensive sealcoating services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring your driveway or parking lot remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Sealcoating is an essential maintenance step to extend the life of your asphalt surfaces. Trust Team Asphalt/AMP to provide professional, high-quality sealcoating services that deliver long-lasting protection and a pristine finish. Let us help you keep your driveway or parking lot in top shape.


Commercial Striping in Eau Claire, WI

At Team Asphalt / Asphalt Maintenance & Paving (AMP), we believe that every paving project we undertake reflects our commitment to quality and precision. Recently, we had the opportunity to showcase our expertise in a commercial striping project in Eau Claire, WI. This project involved the meticulous striping of a large parking lot, enhancing both its functionality and appearance.

Asphalt Maintenance & Paving (AMP): Excellence in Commercial Striping – Eau Claire, WI

Our commercial striping projects are designed to maximize efficiency and ensure durability. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how we approached this project in Eau Claire:

We began with a comprehensive assessment of the parking lot to understand the layout and specific needs of the client. This included determining the optimal spacing for parking spots, ADA compliance, and the best traffic flow patterns.

Proper surface preparation is crucial for the longevity of striping. We cleaned the entire parking lot to remove debris, dirt, and any existing, worn-out markings. This ensures the new paint adheres properly and lasts longer.

Accurate measurements are key to a well-organized parking lot. Our team used advanced tools to measure and mark the lines, ensuring consistent spacing and alignment. This step is vital for creating a professional and organized look.

Using high-durability traffic paint, we carefully applied the striping. Our experienced crew ensured straight, sharp lines for each parking space, directional arrows, and other necessary markings. The paint used is resistant to fading and wear, providing a long-lasting solution.


After the paint application, we conducted a thorough inspection to ensure all lines were precise and the markings met our high standards. Any necessary touch-ups were made to guarantee a flawless finish.

The client was highly satisfied with the results, praising our team’s professionalism and attention to detail. They appreciated the clear, organized layout of the parking lot, which has improved traffic flow and provided a better parking experience for their customers.

At Team Asphalt/AMP, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch paving and striping services. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle projects of any scale with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s a small business or a large commercial complex, we provide solutions that are durable, compliant, and aesthetically pleasing.

A well-striped parking lot is essential for safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. Trust Team Asphalt/AMP to deliver striping solutions that stand out in quality and durability. Let us help you make a great first impression with a professionally striped parking lot. If you need expert paving or striping services, contact Team Asphalt/AMP today at 715-778-5040 or visit our website. We’re here to help you enhance the functionality and appearance of your commercial property.




Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Benefits

There are numerous benefits that you can expect by having a professional commercial parking lot paving contractor work on your commercial or industrial parking lot, including:

  • Asphalt is pliable and much more forgiving than concrete. This is especially beneficial in areas with freeze/thaw cycles.

  • Asphalt has the ability to soak in the sun’s heat, helping snow to melt much faster, which is great for snowy areas like ours.

  • Evenly paved and well-marked asphalt parking lots are important when it comes to safety for your staff and customers.

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