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Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, Inc. is the premier asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair company in Hudson, WI and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in being a company built from the ground up, offering over 30 years of service to our customers. We know that you deserve the best quality of service, which is why we offer the latest technology and operate from a brand new facility, which enables us to deliver the highest quality of service to those who matter most to us – our customers.

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Things to do in Hudson, WI

Hudson, Wisconsin is a popular city located in St. Croix County and it makes up a part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area. Hudson runs alongside the historical St. Croix River, which separates it from the Twin Cities.

You can travel from the twin cities to Hudson via boat, walking the block from the river to Second Street. You can also drive from Minnesota to check out the local happenings and small shops.

Don’t miss the regal Victorian homes found on Third Street, which includes a neighborhood that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It includes the Octagon house Museum, which was constructed in 1855 for the New York judge named udson.

The 1936 arch is an attraction you can’t miss. It was made in 1936 and leads today to Lakefront Park, which offers many activities for people of all ages. Enjoy bands on summer evenings or spend the day beachside. There is also a fancy Arts and Crafts style bath house here.

Don’t miss the Phipps Center for the Arts, which overlooks the park and serves as a venue for many events, including art exhibits, plays and concerts year-round.

Hudson has a small town feel with compact shops downtown. Despite this, the downtown area is packed with visitors who want to enjoy delicious eats and fun shopping. Don’t miss the Second Street restaurants for meals inspired by Germany, Italy, the Southwest or the Caribbean.

Driveway Paving in Hudson, WI

Asphalt Maintenance & Paving (AMP) is known for its exceptional driveway paving on new construction projects, particularly in Hudson, Wisconsin. Recently, a beautiful residential property owner with a newly built home in Hudson reached out to AMP for a crucial project. They needed a place to park and a drive to connect their new home to the street. This new construction site required expert paving to ensure long-lasting, durable results.

AMP: Expert Driveway Paving for New Construction in Hudson, Wisconsin

The client had just built their dream home but needed a reliable driveway and parking area to complete their property. They recognized the importance of a sturdy and well-constructed driveway, so they contacted AMP to handle the project. AMP’s team began with a thorough site assessment to understand the grading, drainage, and overall pavement structure requirements.

The first step in the driveway paving process involved clearing the bare earth of debris and ensuring a clean surface. Proper grading was then performed to establish an appropriate slope, which is essential for effective water drainage. Without this step, water pooling could lead to pavement damage over time.

Once the grading was completed, the team focused on laying a sub-base of crushed stone. This layer acts as the foundation, providing stability and aiding in drainage. With the sub-base in place, AMP moved on to laying the hot mix asphalt. This material was applied in layers, each compacted using heavy rollers to create a smooth, even surface.

Throughout the project, AMP worked closely with the construction contractors to ensure the driveway and parking area were seamlessly integrated with the newly built home. This collaboration was key to achieving a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing final result.

Need to finish off your new home? Contact AMP in Hudson, Wisconsin, for all your driveway paving needs!

Grading and drainage were critical components of this project. Proper grading ensures that water drains away from the driveway, reducing the risk of water damage and extending the lifespan of the asphalt. Directing water flow away from the pavement prevents the formation of cracks and potholes, ensuring a long-lasting and durable surface.

Asphalt Maintenance & Paving offers a reliable and professional solution for homeowners in Hudson, Wisconsin, who need driveway paving on new construction projects. Contact AMP today to transform your property with expert paving services that stand the test of time!

Commercial Concrete Sidewalks for Hudson WI Hospital

Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc. recently undertook a vital project for a Hudson WI Hospital. The hospital’s property manager, seeking top-notch commercial concrete services, discovered us through an internet search, a testament to our online visibility and the power of our positive reputation in the communities we serve.

The hospital faced a critical issue with cracked sidewalks, posing potential hazards to patients and medical staff. Recognizing the importance of smooth and safe pavement in a medical setting, they entrusted us with this concrete paving project.

Elevating Safety: Commercial Concrete Sidewalks for Hudson WI Hospital by Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc.

Our comprehensive solution involved the careful demolition and removal of the old pavement, contributing the material to recycling efforts in other pavement projects. The installation of new concrete, reinforced for added strength, included careful smoothing and seamless transitions to key areas such as the parking lot and entryway. We understand the importance of smooth and durable pavement for accessibility, and we’re dedicated to helping ALL Wisconsin residents enjoy local properties.

The hospital property manager expressed satisfaction with our work, emphasizing their happiness with both the competitive pricing and the efficient completion of the concrete paving project. Notably, our team managed to maintain hospital operations seamlessly during the construction process, showcasing our commitment to minimizing disruptions.

With a history dating back to 1991, Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc. has evolved into a leading commercial concrete contractor with a strong presence in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our growth from a two-man operation to a team of dedicated professionals reflects our commitment to quality service. We take pride in serving our commercial clients and contributing positively to the communities we call home.

Contact us for your next commercial paving contract!

Local Asphalt Company in Hudson WI Uses Spray Patching Technology

Hudson WI’s most reputable asphalt repair company is Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc, and we love helping local property owners upgrade their asphalt pavement without breaking the bank using the latest asphalt technologies. Recently, a Hudson WI property owner had a roadway with a deep crack running through it.

Cracks form when water gets between asphalt binders and aggregates then freezes, separating the pavement mix. Over time, more water can flow into the crack, wash away binders and expose more aggregates. Then the pressure of vehicles passing over it can shift the pavement and widen the crack even more. The Hudson WI pavement was damaged in this way, and the crack was wide enough to threaten the pavement’s stability. They searched for the best asphalt repair contractor in their area and immediately found Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc.

After inspecting the cracked pavement, we found a very cost-effective but permanent asphalt repair process: spray patching. This process uses compressed air, high-quality cleaning grits, and asphalt emulsions to clean out the crack or pothole and apply asphalt products at the same time. We used spray patching on the deep crack, which cleared out all debris and applied a specially mixed hot asphalt solution to completely fill it in. After we filled the crack, we compacted it to the level of the existing asphalt and applied a sealcoat to protect the pavement.

The asphalt pros at Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Inc love finding state-of-the-art paving technologies for long-lasting repairs at a fraction of the cost of pavement replacement. We maintain quality equipment that can provide this level of service to our local clients.

Asphalt Paving and Maintenance Project Near Hudson, WI

The highly skilled and professional team at Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, Inc. was given the honor of performing an asphalt crack sealing, sealcoating and line painting job for a local school in Hudson, WI.

The school, which is a repeat customer of ours, had a parking lot that was starting to show signs of wear. There were cracks developing and the winter weather had created all sorts of soaking up of water, which lead to more cracks over this current winter. The lines were also becoming less visible in the parking lot, so it was definitely time for something to be done. The paved playground also needed a little TLC. The school reached out to us to tell us their concerns, asking us to come out to see what needed to be done.

We made it to the school the next day as we were already in the area. We decided that the lot was in overall good condition, with the exception of the cracks. We told them it could use a little work but it was nowhere near needing a total replacement yet. They were thankful for our honesty and asked us to do the job.

We had to work around the school’s schedule, so timing was a factor. We needed to do the job while the school was vacant so we could not only work on the parking lot, but the paved playground area. We scheduled the job to be done while the school was not in session, and it was a success. The school was thankful about how efficient we were in getting the job done in just one day!

Thank you for working together with Asphalt Maintenance and Paving, Inc. for your school’s asphalt sealcoating and crack sealing needs!

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